The best Product & Design Books

Seductive Interaction Design

This book examines what motivates people to act and what interactions you can create to encourage this. Functional writing style but plenty of detailed examples to follow. Excellent reference for students.



Dieter Rams. Less But Better

Some may call him the God of product design. The man was way ahead of his time and his approach to design will always be relevant. In my opinion his principles are timeless. I urge you to read this one.

Pricing - $24.35


Ways of Seeing

Although aimed at the art world this is still applicable to anyone working in a visual medium. A classic and one first books to challenge the way I thought. Can't recommend it enough.



The Art of Looking Sideways

Hard to describe this one. Alan fletcher covers so much ground and pours out his mind via visual witticisms, essays and ruminations. Not digital related but sure to rouse your curiousty and creative side of the brain. HIghly recommened.



Manage Your Day to Day

Some useful observations and techniques to become more productive in your daily routine.



Simple & Useable

A good guide into breaking down UI into the simplest chunks possible. Great for designers starting out who are trying to find the balance between complexity and usability.



Evil By Design

This is a nifty book that explores why certain design patterns ALWAYS MAKE US CLICK. Some great info in here.



Best Interface is no Interface

Great book, challenges conventions and makes you think. Well worth a read.




Guide to running design sprints. Seems to be everywhere now,




Some good insight into driving user engagement and building lasting habits.



The Design of Everyday Things

A classic, a huge amount transfers over to digital design



100 Things

Worth a read, a good overview of the human psyche's interaction with design and marketing.



Grid Systems in graphic design

A classic. A lot of it is still applicable for web design, I try and revisit this at least once a year.



The Elements of Typographic Style

My typography bible. I'm sure there are more comprehensive guides out there, but this is enough for me. Beautifully typeset and beautifully written. It's always close to my side.



Information Is Beautiful

I think a lot of the visualisations are, in reality, next to useless. But I sho' do enjoy looking at them and they provide good inspiration for visual design.



Lean UX

Practical guide to modern product design, Worth a read, take from it what you need.